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A separate event for every age category between 9 and 16

CHAMPIONS BOWL - Great Britain

The Champions Bowl is a hugely exciting new worldwide junior tournament circuit, with qualifying events and a national masters event in Great Britain that are entirely independent of the LTA  graded tournament system.

Champions Bowl tournaments are special occasions first and foremost, and players want to compete in them for the prestige, the occasion, the festival atmosphere, the camaraderie, the fun - and of course the great prizes on offer.

The Champions Bowl cups and trophies are among the biggest in British tennis, and there are other great prizes to win including Wilson clothing and equipment.

Champions Bowl tournaments are unique in that players can compete as part of a team as well as individually. There are many fun team games to enjoy alongside the serious individual events. A team consists of 3 boys and 3 girls who must be competing in different events.  You can put together your own team or ask us to place you into one.
Each member of a team earns points for their team depending on how well they do in their own event. The team with the most points win prizes!

The Champions Bowl caters to the primal needs and desires of true champions: performing under pressure, winning big things - and delighting the crowd! It is not an academic exercise of competing simply for ratings, rankings or for incremental progress.

At Champions Bowl tournaments, the competitors are the stars of the show and not the officials. The officials do their work silently in the background, without taking centre-stage. Decisions are made as much with common sense as with the rule-book.

Champions Bowl tournaments are enjoyed by competitors, coaches and supporters who are passionate about tennis, and they all have every right to express themselves within reason. Players will be allowed to say “come on” and pump their fists in joy. Coaches and supporters will be allowed to encourage their players vocally, and to make some noise. 

Champions Bowl tournaments are fought fiercely with rivalries played out on court,
while respect and friendships are built off-court.
The finalists of each event in each qualifying tournament will be invited to take part in the national masters tournament.

The winners of each event in the national masters tournament will have the opportunity to represent the Great Britain Champions Bowl team at the World Finals against the best players from 25+ other countries for a stunning team cup, won last year by Bulgaria, as well as individual trophies.

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